Breastfeeding and working

Breastfeeding and working

Can you do it? Yes you can! This episode and links aim to empower you, get in touch if you want to explore your options further or share your experiences πŸ™‚

Resources mentioned

Unicef – beyond 12 months 

Kellymom – milk components beyond 12 months

La Leche Leauge – breastfeeding and working 

Nancy Mohrbacher – pumping magic number Nancy Mohrbacher Storage of expressed milk     

More information about your working rights from Maternity Action (not ACAS)

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Supporting others to breastfeed – podcast

Podcast episode 3

Supporting loved one in their own feeding journey can be emotional.

It can be hard.

Sometimes your passion for breastfeeding can even backfire.

In this episode I discuss my 3 top tips for doing the best by you and the other parent.

1. Listen – Listen and listen again.

2. Love – nurture the mother.

3. Empower – with reputable information and support.

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Breastfeeding in public – Beyond Babyhood 16

Can I do it in public ? Will I be able to put my baby off ? Can it be banned in public?

Here are more ideas on breastfeeding out and about from LLLGB

I’d love to hear your experiences, send me a voice clip and you might get featured on the podcast πŸ™‚

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Puzzles, Experts & surprise guest – Beyond Babyhood 14

New sounds & this week I reflect on the puzzles & experts in breastfeeding support.

The first person to name my unplanned special guest on Facebook or Instagram will win a prize πŸ˜‰

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Truth in Motherhood

New podcast episode

What lies have you beloved about yourself?

This will be hard? You can’t do this? The other way is easier?

This weeks podcast episode I wonder about the lies we believe in parenthood

“We are the only species of mammals that doubts our ability to give birth” or – feed our babies! (Ina Gaskin May)

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Unmet expectations

This weeks podcast, I am reflecting upon unmet expectations in parenting, feeding and how coming together to share and learn helps.

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