Women’s Business Coaching


Tessa Clark is a coach to women who want to be their own boss.

All around you, the world is changing.
There is hurt and uncertainty.
But underneath the surface, there is something calling you.
An idea that wants to be heard.

You know the world needs what you have to offer.
If not now, when?
But where on earth do I start?
I’ll tell you a secret, you just made the first step by admitting it to yourself.

I found Tessa informative, easy to connect with, insightful and overall it has helped me move forward. We identified my personal obstacles and challenges within my situation and this helped my find creative solutions – Thank you! ‘
Author & Breastfeeding Advocate

I am the coach for you if:
❤️ You want to help others whilst also cultivating joy.
❤️ The ideas are ignited in you, and getting louder.
❤️ The idea of investing in you, is exciting.

I am not the coach for you if:
❤️ You are happy with the status quo.
❤️ You are not ready invest in yourself.
❤️ Day to day is a struggle.

I found it really helpful and useful, especially thinking about small steps/ holding lightly and accountability!! Tessa has a gentle nature yet clear concrete advice – defo on my ‘wave length’
Clinical Psychologist & Researcher

Whats on offer:

Enhanced coaching package
1:1 coaching targeting your goals in a package of Zoom calls. We will unpack your ideas, blocks and then to make sure you keep working towards your ideas, we have 3 months of personal support.

Standard Coaching Package
1:1 coaching your goals with up to 2 Zoom calls. As above, with 2 weeks of support and an optional follow up call at the end.

Mini coaching call.
A one off, to untangle ideas and get you towards your goal!

Or simply start in my free Facebook group.
This is a safe space to explore ideas, gain encouragement and grow together. Currently open for anyone to join.

Or simply start in my free Facebook group.

My mind was in a muddle and you helped me weed through the noise and find some focus.Its easy to find people to provide some support but not everyone is skilled at listening, giving the person time to weed through their thoughts and begin to unravel what is going on in their head. You are that skilled person, you didn’t tell me what you thought i should do but helped me get back on the right path and helped me find the words for what i had swirling around in my head. Your kind of support has no ego or agenda and for that i really thank you.
Doula, Writer & Breastfeeing Advocate

Ps. If you nose around on the rest of this page, it has lots about lactation, if this bothers you, then we are probably not the right fit.