My self-worth will not be determined by others ability to see it.

Often on a Monday, my head thinks I need to start the week with a motivating post on social media. Usually this is more about the people I serve, than me. But this week, its also about me. I need to hear this message just as much as you.

How often is the negative self talk in our heads, so vile, that we wouldn’t dream of saying it out loud about another person? These are often echos of things said, or imagined, about you and your ability to parent.

The conversations with clients and friends I’ve had this last week broke my heart a little. For they couldn’t see how flipping hard they are working and the unrealistic expectations they are holding themselves up against.

I am the same. Do more, be more, keep going though the pain. This post is also;

  • For the second time parent, who feels like they are doing worse this time around than the first.
  • For the parent who questions their own goals.
  • For the parent who wants to run away and hide.

I see you.

Please repeat after me.

You are a mother fracking rock star and things WILL get easier, you WILL feel like you’ve got a handle on things soon. Ask for the support you need and know other peoples negative comments are less about you, and more about their own pain and unmet needs.

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